city boat Durban

jg grant
18th June 2010, 03:54
Hi from NZ! Is there anyone on this site knows of an incident in Durban docks involving a city boat 1964/65 which rode up on the dock and skittled three dockside cranes one of which toppled over completely. I witnessed the incident, in fact I was nearly a victim of it as I was far too close at the time but was sort of transfixed at the spectacle. Managed to run and dive behind a wagon. I would very much like to hear the story from someone on the ship. Regards Ronnie

jg grant
7th July 2010, 00:19
Hi from NZ.I have just got a more accurate fix on the above incident. I was on the Cairnforth when it happened. Signed on 1/5/63 paid off 13/8/63 so this incident would have occurred around say, July 63. Does this help anybody? Regards Ronnie.