Slide Scanner Adapter.

CLIVE R786860
19th June 2010, 21:30
Can anyone recommend a slide/negative scanner adapter,Thanks regards Clive,

19th June 2010, 21:55
I'm not home right now, so I can't check the model number on mine, but I can tell you it's a Hewlit-Packard, with a place to insert slides and negatives (which can be "reversed"). It can scan 35mm and 120/620mm negatives.

Bob Theman
19th June 2010, 23:06
Do you simply want to scan 35 mm negs or are you interested in larger negs ?

20th June 2010, 00:34
Can I hijack this thread a little ?

I have a collection of "mini-slides" which I used for shows to our adopted school through the British Ship Adoption Society and would like to be able to scan them and include them in the SN Gallery.

Now is the problem, the slides are not 35 mm but far smaller, the mount size is 30mm x 30mm and the slide opening is 16mm x 12mm, 1970 to 1975 vintage. Kodachrome Transparency, processed by Kodak.

I am returning to UK in August and wonder if anyone could be so kind as to recommend either a slide scanner or a company that could scan them onto CD's.

I have around 150 of these slides and 10 x 35mm slides, as it will be a one-off-job, it might be far more economic and feasible to find a company that could do it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards, David Wilson.

20th June 2010, 09:57
I have had no problems at all with the Epson V200, scans just about anything. Stores at phenomenal dpi levels. It will scan microfilm, where the images are miniscule.

A simple alternative for a 'one off' is to use the 'tulip' setting (ie macro) and copy the microfilm with the digital camera (such as a Fuji Finepix), the distance between the object and camera is the thickness of the UV mount. I illuminate the microfilm with a standard 'energy saver' bulb, and a sheet of opal plastic between the lamp and slide.
It does not take much to mock up the box.

One thing I will say is that standard set up slide to CD transfer can be VERY limited as far as resolution is concerned, resulting in what I consider to be poor quality, grainy and 'washed out' colours. You may be lucky and find a company that takes more care.

28th July 2010, 17:33
Can anyone recommend a slide/negative scanner adapter,Thanks regards Clive,

See my post to Brian Bunyard [this forum] on28.07.10

CLIVE R786860
31st July 2010, 15:46
Thanks for the replies lads.Ken will look into the Cannoscan.regards Clive