Ro-Ro ships

27th June 2010, 16:21
US Amphibious Ships and Craft: An Illustrated Design History by Norman Friedman

Page 624

Within a few weeks however, the Navy had pointed out that the Seatrain could not survive a single torpedo hit, and that even a minor calibre shell hitting at the waterline might sink one. The Army therefore shifted to the Maritime Commission C4 design, conceived for the American-Hawaiian Line, but intended to be adaptable to troop transport duty. Because, like the Seatrain, a C4ís engines were aft, it offered large uninterrupted cargo spaces amidships, and the contract was rewritten for 50 C4ís in August 1942. It called for C4-S-B1 tank carriers, with special tank ramps, in effect they would have been Ro-Roís. Only one ship was finished to this design, because in September 1943 the Joint Chiefs ordered the ships to be completed as point-to-point troop troopships (C4-S-B2) to support the planned invasion of Europe.

The single ship became the Private Leonard C Bronstram and it was later converted to a heavy lift ship but does anyone know what the internal layout was and if it had side ramps Ė the pictures Iíve seen donít seem to show any, just derricks.

Also does anyone know what the internal layout of the Vehicle Cargo Ship Comet was?