phoenix world city/america world city

royal viking
2nd July 2010, 03:29
can anyone please help me with any info pictures on this propossed vessel...i am building a model of her and can not find any pictures of her i am told there are two models of her located at the 2 world city offices in the states but apart from a drawing on the net there is not much.....HELP

royal viking
23rd July 2010, 21:18
well hi again...still looking for any help anyone can give me with this model i'm building of america world city

24th July 2010, 00:57
royal viking i have a newpaper drawing of her . if you would like it sent to your e mail regards ships

royal viking
26th July 2010, 03:25
great my email is [email protected] thank you so much cheers

27th July 2010, 05:45
royal viking will dig file out and sent it to you ships

27th July 2010, 06:51
had a look through these sites?

Might be something of interest there

royal viking
28th July 2010, 03:27
thanks for that billyboy...i have seen it...i can't believe that is all i can find on the net

royal viking
6th August 2010, 22:27
has anyone ever seen anything about america world city on any documentry or dvd