7th November 2005, 14:38
Looking for details of Kazimah around 1960's eg where & when built and if and when scrapped or sold on thanks Iain48

7th November 2005, 15:33
Little info on Kazimah (2) owned by Kuwait Oil Tanker Co. 294739 tons. imo No; 8004351 built 1982 by IHI sulzer diesel,28900 hp hull No; 2766
Call sign 9KKL.A tanker called Kazimah was attacked by Iran AF with AGM 63a weapons and damaged 10/01/84.
A tanker called Kazimah ran aground on Robben Island (N Mandela) nov 1970 lost 1000 tons oil ( bunker fuel)and polutted 560 penguins with it.
First Kazimah of 49000 tons was 1st crude tanker for company in 1959

Jeff Egan
7th November 2005, 15:54
I think there were two Kazimah's the one I remember from my Common Brother days was a bridge amidships tanker there was a later much bigger ship by the same name

7th November 2005, 18:55
Yes Jeff the KAZIMAH that you say was built 1959- 29155g.t.-L:736 feet-
B:100feet-knots 16-Engine ST.Unfortunatly i don't know the year of her scrapping!!!

Jeff Egan
7th November 2005, 19:08
I know there was a lot of engineers glad to see the back of her. break down after breakdown if I remember, I never sailed on her but we would watch from afar a she limped from one port to the next.

Dave Edge
7th November 2005, 19:55
The 'Big K' was my first ship in Common Brothers. Launched 15 December 1958 by Sasebo Sempaku Kogyo, Sasebo, Japan. 15 April 1959 completed, cost 3,121,429 pounds. First ship for Kuwait Oil Tanker Company. 24 November 1970 grounded Robben Island off Cape Town after an engine failure. Heavily damaged, towed back to builders for repairs. According to a surveyor I met a few months later in Japan had the extent of the damage been appreciated at the time she would have been towed to breakers, not her builders. 1973 management taken over by KOTC. 1979 broken up in Kaohsiung. When loaded was very comfortable but light ship vibrated furiously - the tables couldn't be laid in the saloon, which was aft, as everything was shaken onto the deck. It was said her propeller shaft was incorrectly aligned.
Dave Edge.

30th April 2006, 22:55
There's a picture of the Kazimah under tow when I was on her. We broke down off Cape verde and were adrift for a few days until a tug came and towed us to Dakar.

Somwhere along the line salt water had got into the superheater tubes and she wouldn't brew up due to the caking in the tubes.

The Warbah came near and dropped off some diesel for our gennies as we were short. All the accomodation and nav lights had to be lit using oil lamps at night. It was quite spooky.

We dropped the pick to stop us driftine but hadn't got steam to pullit back up again. The engineers rigged air hoses directly to the steam chest on the windlass and we got the pick up at three links at a time as that was all the pressure would build up to do. Oh and we blew up a compressor into the bargain. It took us 24 hours to get the 13 shackles back on board!

After 25 or so days at anchor in Dakar the tubes were cleaned and we set sail again, but broke down again and had to be towed back to Liverpool. ( Tranmere).

I remember on that trip the poor old pantryman died and we buried him at sea, off Portugal.I helped to sew him up in his shroud then after the burial we got sloshed on rum. Boy was I sick!

There were two other deak cadets with me, Charlie who supported Featherstone and Brian...can't remember their second names. The mates name was John Millwater who lived in South Shields. There were afew other characters on board as well.

I have a skyphoto's piccy of the Kazimah but I am not sure if I can show it on the site.I will hunt out a few more of my own piccy's though.

See you soon!

Steve Mills

20th November 2008, 21:17
Kazimah, was my first ship with Commons, Joined Nov 73 Ras al kimah as Junior engineer with 2 others,Mick joyce & tony ?. I remember you being deck apprentice Steve. New years eve. Indian crew did us proud. Towed twice in one trip I payed off in Cammel Laird dry dock (Birkenhead) having learned a hell of a lot. Regards Rob Davidson

23rd February 2009, 21:26
Did 9 months on board
only black out once
old man went from full ahead to full astern off mina
we anchored inside the port area
very fast tank 11 wings could be used for bunkers
C james

23rd August 2018, 17:16
I saw picture of Kazimah II when I was serving on Kazimah III, it on the wall in Officers mess room, formidable ship it was.