Tarpaulin Musters

John Campbell
11th July 2010, 12:03
I wonder how many of our ancient mariners have taken part in or witnessed a "Tarpaulin Muster" . I remember calling in to Tahiti to land the Master who had become seriously ill with a heart attack. We had four hours shore leave and no sub so the lads held a muster and we got all sorts of currency from pesos to drachmas - the lucky lads went ashore and had a great time. This was on the Fleetbank in 1958.

Tony D
11th July 2010, 12:34
Kobe five of us mustered the 1000 yen(about a quid then) sub the Old Man had allowed us,I didn't win,sat in me cabin cursing the fates and thinking just the two beers it would have bought me would still have been better than sitting here.

11th July 2010, 12:35
On the Border hunter. engineers always short of cash so Tarpaulin muster was held. after laying awaiting repairs for three months in Japan all out of money so the pet Monkey was sold.

Ray Mac
11th July 2010, 13:30
Had a few of them in the early years:sweat:


11th July 2010, 19:24
Not an uncommon phenomena in Hains amongst Apprentices on the last night in port usually.

Yours aye,


11th July 2010, 19:36
Not an uncommon phenomena in Hains amongst Apprentices on the last night in port usually.

Yours aye,


Notan uncommon phenomena amongst any apprentices/cadets/middies, as the lowest paid, we were always skint! 10 per month in 1958.

11th July 2010, 20:53
You had good pay commons was only 7 pounds a month in 1961

11th July 2010, 22:30
8-6s-8d per calendar month and 1 shilling per hour o/t, first year cadet in albyn line 1955:(

David E
11th July 2010, 22:55
Bank line '49-4.11.8 a month-less 4s.7p. National Insurance.I can't remember if that came off every week or every month.Lucky to have good spells as U3M where the rate rose to 19/month-could have done with the Tarpaulin Muster but never heard it used.

John Dryden
11th July 2010, 22:56
Must admit it was appreciated during the last hours before sailing and we needed to be ashore for what ever reason while others were working,even it it is was just a few rupees or pesos.I got on OK with the ''earners'' in Bank Line when I was app. so always a bit of cash about and a bit in the back pocket.Only twice do I remember being really rich,first time when the mate sold the dunnage in Ceylon and we got a load of cash,second time I sold 3 or 4 cases of brandy in Monte and made a fortune.And spent it!