Archibald Russell

14th July 2010, 20:27
Hi Lads some of the towing buffs put some photos of a United Towing Company tug towing the Archibald Russell out of King George dock Hull can you tell me where i can see these photos again sam2182sw

22nd November 2010, 18:09
My Father's cousin served on the Archibald Russell. Would love to know more about this tall ship.

If you have any info would love to hear from you.


13th December 2010, 13:22
Hallo Barbara The 4mast barque ''Archibald Russell' served for almost 18 years for Ericson Aland Isle in the weath trade. In 1949 the ship was scrapped on the Tyne banks John

13th December 2010, 14:03
Some info on the ship: