The Dog
26th July 2010, 17:35
Anyone got a picture of Ascanius as Akosombo in ED's colours.
When charter to ED's finished she was sent out East without changing livery or West African crew. A lot backed out in Port Swettenham, must have have been homesick for the mangrove swamps. Regards Woof Woof

Barber Hector
3rd August 2010, 19:15
I did that voyage out east on the old Ashcan 1973 with Sierra Leone stewards and firemen along with Brit ratings.
The ship was in a foul state both on deck and in the accommodation after coming back from Elder Dempsters. With a lot of elbow grease and good will we had the ship up to standard by the time we got to Swettenham where the West Africans had the time of their lives [plenty toto according to them].
No one backed out and we had a reasonable voyage considering the dreadful heat in Japan that voyage.
The funnel was painted blue on departure UK.
No I didnt take any photos that voyage so cant help there.

The Dog
8th August 2010, 01:03
Thanks folks Have now got picture of Ascanius in ED's livery as Akosombo from old Blue Flue.

The Dog
8th August 2010, 01:08
Thanks R651400, I believe she did a few voyages to NE Ports at the end. There is a very good picture of her on the Tees ships site on what may have been her lasr trip as a bluey. She looks magnificent. Any one know how she got that bent foretopmast.

22nd August 2010, 21:06

I have just posted this photo on "SHIPSPOTTING" website as today's quota of six has already been used

7th September 2010, 17:29
I joined Akosombo in Freetown as 3rd mate on 8th January 1973, she had just come from the Great Lakes where all the paint had fallen off the accomodation due to the cold. She went from West Africa out to Singapore where she reverted to Ascanius on 16th February 1973. The old man was Ramsey Dinnie, who was relieved by Gordon Fisher when we got back to Dublin on 9th April. I got off in Liverpool on 19th April. The funnel was repainted Blue in Singapore.

10th December 2010, 12:13
Had a great voyage as officer cadet aboard the old "Ashcan" in 1966 on the Barber Blue Sea run round the World service. Joined in New York having travelled aout as passenger on "Queen Mary". flew home 5 months later from NY. I believe it was almost , if not teh first time Blueys had flown anyone. The Mate was George Wood. The Old Man was an absolute gentleman whose name I forget. Believe he had a brother in the company who was also Master.

great Days.