Looking for pictures of Charon ('75)

27th July 2010, 17:32

My father used to work as an electrician for Blue Funnel Line. My sister and I are trying to gather photos of all the ships that he sailed on. As far as we know he sailed on:

Adrastus ('53)
Machaon ('59)
Polydorus ('45?)
Polyphemus ('47)
Theseus ('55)
Prometheus ('67)
Laertes ('76)
Charon ('75)

We have managed to find some images of usable quality for most of them on the web and in this wonderful forum but I am still looking for a proper sized one of the Charon (Tanker from '75). This was the last ship he sailed on before NSOM went belly up. If I remember correctly it mostly ran between Texas and New York. It probably rarely (or never) docked in Liverpool or Amsterdam.

Is there anybody here that has any pictures of the Charon?

Any additional pictures of one of the other ships are of course also very welcome (Thumb).

Paul Boelen

27th July 2010, 17:49
Would this be it.


27th July 2010, 18:25

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clevewyn beat me to it - I was just about to direct you to the same picture. (==D)

27th July 2010, 18:39
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27th July 2010, 19:46
Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! (Even in my mother tongue :D )
Also thanks for the link. I hadn't seen that one yet and it is a much better picture than what we had so far. The fact that the ship's name is properly visible in this picture is a nice bonus!