Queen Victoria Greenock departure.

29th July 2010, 21:11
Did any other members watch the QV depart?
Mrs and I drove round to Kilcreggan to watch her, and when we left Helensburgh she was still on the berth, due to leave at 1800.
When we got to Kilcreggan she was almost passed the Cloch lighthouse, now that was impressive, a ship her size moving off so quickly, these thrusters must speed up the departure enormously!
Anyway she then slowed, turned nearly 90 in relation to the normal passage down river. There was then a great deal of smoke and she turned back on her normal course.
Was there a problem, did the captain have relations near Dunoon wanting a photo op, or was it just a pilot drop off?
It all looked very strange to me.(EEK)

29th July 2010, 23:11
"There was then a great deal of smoke and she turned back on her normal course."
The engines is designed to do it, respond now !.
The gentle touch of the engineer has gone. Watching the gauges, and temperatures and gently increasing the power.


john g
2nd August 2010, 13:50
Most of the new vessels blow a little smoke when manouvering, turned to give a little shelter to the pilot boat I would guess.....all done with thrusters , podded drives and very small levers on the bridge. The 2 mate on the Oceana ,a young lady in her mid 20's gave an excellent account on board a couple of years ago!