my esso ships

6th August 2010, 14:17
memory not what it was but these are the ones i remember.
olympic mariner my first one with esso
esso oxford
esso canterbury
esso salsbury
esso cambridge
esso buffalo
esso nassau
esso norwich
esso dublin

16th October 2011, 16:01
Hi Barrie, or Barry,
I was on the Canterbury from January 1958 till July 1958' On our last trip from Mina-al-Almadi she broke down so many times with boiler trouble she was sent to Marsaxxlok in Malta for nigh on 5 weeks. The Esso Cambridge and the ,I think, Esso Exeter brought new tubes and goodness what out to us. We were moored to a buoy out in the bay using everything bar shoe laces, -had to as we were loaded ship.
I remember a Barry Calloway from Southampton in the crew-would that be you?


17th October 2011, 13:58
Hi Colin, I was on the Canterbury at that time as electrician.I left after that trip to go on leave and got called back to join the Oxford which was having repaires in guess where Malta and anchored out in the same place.
All the best Barrie.