Vessel Sanitation Program

bob johnston
11th November 2005, 22:52
I find it very good to know that pasenger ships have become more strict with hygiene and to read sanitation reports of cruise ships. We forget the importance of hygiene and good housekeeping as it was certainly not high on the agenda in the 70 s. It is very important to keep good records and have good food safety systems. As being in hospitality I am glad to say that I am actively involved in food safety programs and it is taken very seriously, as it has certainly cost cruise ships millions in refunds to passengers due to poor sanitation. It is also very hard to control a virus on a cruise ship and I know the air con just enhances to passengers catching some strain.

I know as soon as someone gets flu or a cold on board it spreads very quickly and keeps those ships hospitals in business on board. Most ship companies do a great job but it requires the passengers and crew to follow alot of basic hygiene rules but some do not follow simple rules . Well done shipping companies have gone a long way in the last 10 years of course prompted by government departments. I know the USA is very strict and always has been.