Do you know what these enamel badges are?

12th November 2005, 14:06
I purchased four enamel badges on and would like to know exactly what they were for originally. I am sure the answer will be obvious to most of the community here but I am an interested party rather than a seafarer myself.

To me they look like they have been removed from a cap. Each badge is about 1 inch across, made of gold coloured metal with enamel inlays. They are all slighly curved left to right and have signs of adhesive on the back where they were stuck to whatever it was originally.

The inscriptions on the badges are respectively: R.M.S Morea, R.M.S Andania, R.M.S Moldavia and the last one says Souvenir of M.V Marunda. I have attached a jpg file of the Morea one as is the one I am really interested in.

I would appreciate your help if you know what they are.

12th November 2005, 15:22
Looks like P and O House Flag

12th November 2005, 15:44
P&O Line Morea 1908 built 1930 10,895 tons scrapped Japan.

12th November 2005, 15:51
Hi Gdynia and Ray1buck1,

Thanks for the responses.

Yes it is the P&O house flag on the Morea and Moldavia badges. I presume the other badges have the relevant house flags too but I am not familiar with those lines. I know quite a lot about Morea as my grandfather served on it and I am researching it.

Do you think these items might have been cap badges - and if so crew, officers or just on stuff sold to passengers as souvenirs?


12th November 2005, 16:54
I collect cap badges as a hoppy presently have over 100 the one you posted is when the vessel carried Mail hence RMS below the badge.If you care to put photos on the site will see if I have these in my collection


12th November 2005, 16:57
I would think passenger souvenirs, as my cap badge was gold lace or similiar.

Douglas Dashwood-Howard
12th November 2005, 17:32
Almost certainly a passenger souvenir. The National Maritime Museum has in its jewellery collections a very similar badge of the Yeoward Line's ss Avoceta (Ref JEW0300). In the description it is stated that "Mr and Mrs Thomas Tomlinson acquired the badge on a cruise to the Canaries in 1928." This badge and its description (perhaps others too but at the time I was only looking for ss Avoceta souvenirs for a friend) can be seen online in the NMM's website.

12th November 2005, 18:41
Here are the other 3 badges for anyone who is interested. I have never been that interested in badges before but do regular searches for P&O material on eBay and came across these as a job lot. They are really very attractive when you get close up to them - but a devil to photograph in artificial light without a tripod! Sorry one pic is a bit blurred.

Gdynia - I would be interested to know if you have seen these before.

Douglas - I checked out the NMM entry - thanks for the pointer - I was intrigued to find that there was just the one badge of this type in the collection. Maybe they have got a load more not showing online. I am trying to get down there to have a look round in a couple of weeks.

12th November 2005, 19:58
Anyone interested in stack colors & house flags a buddy of mine got the wall charts that was offered in Sea Breezes recently it covers over a 300 shipping lines stacks & house flags

12th November 2005, 20:17
Second photo is P and O again. Third photo is part of the PSNL Company(80% Sure) The first one not quite clear on

Frank P
12th November 2005, 23:09
The first one seems to be M/V Manunda of the "Adelaide Steamship Company". The second one is the RMS Moldavia of P+O, the third one is the RMS Andania of Cunard?????

Douglas Dashwood-Howard
13th November 2005, 09:27
In eBay's UK site there are two souvenir badges of ss Nevasa on offer right now.
I have a ship's wheel badge similar to the "Nevasa" wheel one but for P & O's "Canberra". In the middle is the P & O flag, below which is a blue segment which says Maiden Voyage. It was given to my Dad by a friend years ago and I have no use for it. If anyone in the UK or Europe would like it for free for their collection let me know and I'll send it (also for free) to you. First come first served.

13th November 2005, 11:20
Putting these ships names into Goggle Images brings out a few results.

14th November 2005, 03:39
I believe they are souvenir badges which were sold to passengers. Many were attached to silver plated napkin rings. I have half a dozen collected over the years each with a ships name and houseflag on the attached badge.
I have (in no particular order) the following napkin rings.
Aorangi, Canadian Australasian Line, Montrose, CPR, Otranto, Orient Line, Laurentic, White Star line. I have also a three legged silver plated salt cellar with a Runic, White Star Line badge. All badges are similar to those shown in earlier posts.

Douglas Dashwood-Howard
14th November 2005, 09:02
I assume the badges on napkin rings were soldered or glued on. The Canberra badge I have and the Avoceta badge at the Maritime Museum both have a pin fastener at the back and were obviously intended to be worn as a brooch or badge on clothing. There are numerous other souvenir items with the shipping company's metal badges attached - ashtrays, beakers, salt cellars etc.

20th November 2005, 21:30
A thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread for providing me with all this useful information. I hope it has been of interest to others.


3rd January 2006, 19:48
If anyone is interested, I just came across an picture from someone selling a napkin ring with badge attached to see what the whole thing looked like.