The QE2 Story

24th August 2010, 19:00
Hello all,

The discussion forum at launched in January 2009. We started with just a few people, and used word of mouth to let news of the site spread. We were the first forum dedicated to the ship and remain totally focussed on just that one ship!

We've now had 2.3 million views, and our membership consists of QE2 authors, historians, crew, passengers, shipyard workers - just about everybody who came into contact with QE2, or just admired her from afar.

Most of the forum (but not all of it) is open to everyone, without logging in, although there are benefits to registering. The forum is completely free, with no advertising and most people access it as 'guests' and seem content just to read the content.

- Rob

16th October 2010, 15:59
A superb forum Rob! Highly recommended.