Did Anyone Sail To Isleworth ?

26th August 2010, 19:19
Did anyone sail upriver to Isleworth on the Thames, the furthest place upriver navigable by sea-going ships ? As a nipper I used to cycle to Old Isleworth - Lion Wharf I think - in the 1950's, and spot all sorts of coasters, often Dutch, unloading at the wharf. What pilotage arrangements were in existence so far from the sea ? Which ports did these vessels come from, and what cargoes did they carry ? I recall the Wharf had some sort of grain or feed factory. Was there much action ashore ? Any recollections ?

27th August 2010, 08:39
I loaded heavy scrap there for Rotterdam when I was mate on the North Trader early 1968, we got off the berth too late on the tide and tried to moor port side to with a left handed screw alongside a barge tier above the first first bridge with a strong ebb behind us, we had to release the mooring, the ship ended up aground in Kew Gardens until the next high water and I was marooned on the barge tier until rescued by a police launch a couple of hours later.


27th August 2010, 10:13
Have a look at this:


28th August 2010, 21:01
Thanks for your message Bruce - what a story of misadventure ! Even the Thames in full flow can be a serious matter ! Wonderful photo Jaigee - thank-you,