Bocha, TMM

Ant P
7th September 2010, 08:23
Hi there,

In 1979 I was asked to join 'one of the new TMM ships'. In an earlier thread it was said that the Fourah Bay was bought by TMM and I think atleast one other 'F' Boat joined her. There were also some new vessels that were working the West Coats of Mexico to Japan that Ocean Fleets got the manning for. It wasn't one of these I was assigned to but a bit of a wreck, well alot of a wreck, of a Spanish built ship that was 5780GT and 4300BHP. I can't find any details of her life before or after. I had a great trip on here and after the BS on the normal Ocean Fleets ships it was a liberating experience. It took about 1.5hrs to open the hatches at first and the ballast tanks were mainly common. We seemed to be almost always short of water but it was a real work hard, play hard vessel. I had to be dragged off after seven months. We were about 8 weeks in Guatemala and ran all round the Gulf of Mexico and Central America. Our main job was keeping the Aluminium works in Vera Cruz topped up with pet coke and alumina from Point Comfort in Texas. All very laid back. Does anybody have information about the Bocha before and after 79/80?
Regards, Tony Porter

4th December 2010, 15:00
I didn't sail on bocha, wish i had, but i seem to remember a story about the shore loader operator falling asleep at point comfort (and the duty mate also i suppose) and almost sinking the ship at the berth! any truth in this rumour?