HMS Dunkerton Ton Class for scrap

7th September 2010, 11:48
MV Golden Firefly (ex-SAS Pretoria, ex-MV Madiba, ex-Dunkerton) is currently on the hard at Table Bay Harbour, South Africa. She is unsafe to place back into the water. Good chance will be scrapped where she stands.

9th September 2010, 12:59
Has she been re-engined with and does she still have her Deltic's? If she has I hope the engine's are removed for preservation. Did they have Deltic powered Loco's in S.A. Mendi? I understand that the prototype Deltic Loco's in GB had ex RN Deltics fitted and the B.R. Fitters were trained by the RN.

12th September 2010, 16:03
Not sure probably still original engines. I know they rebuilt the gearboxes though.

No idea re locos here!

13th September 2010, 18:13
The prototype loco may of had marine deltics, but the production locos had a modified version, so can not be fitted with the marine versions without serious modification!

14th September 2010, 11:38
I am basing my #2 on the information I received from the Railway Museum at York when I telephoned them in regards to Kellington's Deltic's which they were keen to have because of the prototype connection's which were of course cartridge starter's unlike the later version's which were "Electric Motor" started I believe. Other than that my interest in trains stopped at Streaks and Blinkers.

16th September 2010, 13:16
GOLDEN FIREFLY up for auction today...

17th September 2010, 11:32
Nope does not have Deltics!

28th October 2010, 12:54
Sold for scrap!

14th December 2010, 13:02
Cut up!