Hello Friends

15th November 2005, 15:11
Hello, my name is Antonio Silva and I live in the Azores Islands.
As I remenber I was allways a ships' lover. I spended a lot of my time in the Sea Avenue in my city of Ponta Delgada looking to the ships that come to the harbour. In the years 1970 it was n't very dificulty to visite some cruises ships and I remenber to be on board of Reina del Mar, Caronia, Chusan, Akaroa, Arawa, Eugenio C, Brittanis, Australis, Raffaello and many others that I dont't remenber now. I remenber my first treap bettwen Azores and Lisbon in 1960 on board of Carvalho Araujo (Azores-Lisbon) and Lima (Lisbon/Azores). In last year I was aboard of the Grand Princess and I sailed in a cruise in 2002 on board of the Splendour of the Seas and in 2004 on board of the Brillince of the Seas. Next year I would like to travel on board of the Voyager of the Seas but we wil see if it is possible
I have a collection about 400 photos and postcards of a lot of ships from the years 50,60,70.

That's all for now. I whope to see yours comentary

15th November 2005, 15:25
Welcome tomanesilva to the site, you will have to put some of your photos on the site so that we can all enjoy them, this site contains a wealth of nautical knowledge, any questions you have about sea/ships just ask.

15th November 2005, 15:43
Ahoy AntonioWelcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings,specially those oldies

[In Portuguese]
Boa Tarde Antaõ,
Todo bem ao Açores,São Miguel?Mostre os fotografias,faz favor!

15th November 2005, 16:23
Hi Tomane

Welcome to a good port, navigate well and look forward to seeing some of you pics.


steve Coombs
15th November 2005, 19:45
Welcome aboard

15th November 2005, 19:51
Hello and welcome from Italy Tomanesilva I hope to see your surely interesting shots !! (*))
Ciao da MIlano

Doug Rogers
15th November 2005, 22:09
Welcome aboard Tomanesilva, enjoy the site and what it has to offer.