20th September 2010, 09:05
Does anyone who sailed on the Remeura (ex- Parthia ) know if a utility steward ever did cleaning duties down in the engine room.

21st September 2010, 22:20
I was Third Mate on maiden voyage as remuera, but I cannot remember any utility steward working in the engine room.

John Callon
21st September 2010, 22:55
Utility Stewards were members of the Catering Department, working not only in the Kitchens and Platehouse, but doing general cleaning duties in the accommodation. The next step up was Asst Steward assuming you kept yourself out of trouble and worked well.

Phil Saul
22nd September 2010, 23:40
Don't know about the Remuera, but P & O introduced Inter-departmental Flexibility in '70 when all ratings signed on as General Purpose ratings.
Under this system, catering ratings worked on deck and in the engine room for overtime, although their main job was still catering.
Did a double-header on the MANZ run under this system and can only recall working in the engine room once from memory.
Much preferred working on deck where I could get paid for topping up my 'bronzie'
Deckies and Motormen never worked in the Galley or Saloon but did occasionally give us a hand to paint the accommodation and bring aboard stores.

Regards Phil (Thumb)