Denholm Shore Staff

20th September 2010, 09:41
Can anyone tell me if Marine Supt.D.Mckelvie & Engr Supt A.Galloway are still active and about ?Teb

John Cassels
20th September 2010, 10:16
Is that the same Davie MacKelvie who was around in the '60's ?.

20th September 2010, 11:05
Yes thats the man(sorry about the spelling!!)

20th September 2010, 23:48
Don't remember Galloway, but I'm pretty sure Davie MacKelvie is long gone.


David Campbell
21st September 2010, 00:17
I remember Alex. Galloway from 1963, when he was with London Salvage after leaving Denholms. He came out to La Spezia when I was on the "Naess Clansman". A real gentleman. David.

21st September 2010, 10:03
Randcmackenzie/David- Many thanks for your response to my enquiry- .I worked with both Davie & Alex,some 50odd years ago when I was with Denholms as Ship Manager in SM Group D.Teb

John Cassels
21st September 2010, 10:12
Glad Roddy said it first but am also sure that D.MacKelvie is long gone.

Nice chap , gave me my first 2nd.mates job way back in '69.

22nd September 2010, 00:39
Hello John,

From what I remember he retired early due to ill health and deteriorated steadily thereafter.

A fine fellow indeed, as you said.