model building

2nd October 2010, 14:26
I am part way through building a model of Reynolds / Rossetti / (Rubens) but getting stuck on some detailed work and could do with some external pictures such as those that contain details of deck equipment, bridge wings, monkey island and lifeboats. The model is going to be named Reynolds as that was the first of the Bolton ships i sailed on. So far have the basic ship constructed but making rigging blocks, ladders and the other small but essential parts is proving to be slow going.
would appreciate a flood of pictures that i could sift through.

Ian J. Huckin
2nd October 2010, 17:40
Jeepers, I know I keep promising pictures for you and I will get to work this weekend. Trouble is bow hunting just opened and I'm up a tree most of the day. But as it is the "Reynolds" then anything for you!!!! I'll be scanning from tonight onwards.....

2nd October 2010, 19:06
thanks Ian, that will give the elk a break, or how good a shot are you so maybe they get that already!

Ian J. Huckin
4th October 2010, 18:29
Bow hunting Oklahoma white tail right now. Missed one on opening day of the season...drat!!!!(Cloud) Spent next couple of days rebuilding the primary on my bike, shredded the belt...rated at 150hp but I run 168 on the rear wheel so it did not stand a chance. However....tonight I WILL get me a is beyond this space!(Thumb)

4th October 2010, 20:32
mind the brown bears if you cross the state line into Akansas! I heard there are still a few up in those hills, way back my friends in De Queen took me out black powder shooting also trying for white tail. just caught ticks

Ian J. Huckin
4th October 2010, 21:03
Black bear are making a comeback throughout the States. I have them in my back yard in Wisconsin....but after Kodiak?...well these are just little teddies. still rip the **** out of you though!