Documentary tonight (UK) 02.10.2010

2nd October 2010, 16:05
"The Nazi Titanic" Saturday 02 October 2010
10:00pm - 11:05pm
Documentary examining the events that led to the sinking of German ship the Wilhelm Gustloff on January 31,1945. The vessel was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine, resulting in the deaths of more than 9,000 people - said to be the greatest loss of life in a maritime disaster on record. The film also seeks to address questions about the catastrophe that remained unanswered more than 60 years after the event.
VIDEO Plus+: 13205799

Should be well worth watching.

11th November 2010, 21:55
I recorded this in order to watch at a later date. I've just watched this and I am shocked. I had never heard of this ship or the dreadful tragedy that surrounds it.
If you ask anyone what they think the greatest loss of life at sea at any one time was, 99% will say the Titanic. Its amazing how little of this is known.