Cunard funnel colour circa 1905

4th October 2010, 17:37
I am currently building a model of CARMANIA, 1905 and really need a Cunard expert to help me out with the colour of the funnels.

I initially painted the funnels red with black tops as in the "Red" picture. Then the person who is going to get the model suggested the red was too dark and request that I change them to Vermillion. I did this, see Vermillion picture.

The problem is that Vermillion was the colour of Union-Castle, but if you had a Castle next to a Cunard (in my day) there was a distinct difference in the colours.

This morning, on deciding that the black section was a bit too deep, I managed to ruin both the repainted stacks completely and had to start again with new ones. They are almost ready to paint now, but which would ypou say is the correct colour for CARMANIA, 1905?

4th October 2010, 17:45
Wonder when they introduced the two (or was it three?) black bands? Forget if Port line was two bands and Cunard three or the other way round?

4th October 2010, 17:48
In the pictures shown. The bands are were not yet permanent on the red picture and not yet there at all on the vermillion one. But the plan of the ship shows two black bands on each funel.

4th October 2010, 18:23
I always thougt that Cunards funnel colour was a dark almost burnt orangy-red. I might be wrong tho.

Stephen J. Card
21st October 2010, 21:25
Probably the best match for colour is INTERNATIONAL ORANGE. The colour is most definitely NOT red.... and perhaps a bit more orange than. Union Castle

21st October 2010, 21:49
Alan Bull, one time Chief Officer on the Mary, master on one of the bulkers when I sailed with him, told me that when they were in a spot, short of funnel red they just slapped on Red Lead primer which was virtually the same colour, just less weather resistant, and Red Lead primer is/was definitely an orangy colour, perhaps somewhere between international orange and a true red

22nd October 2010, 07:03
Thanks for further replies.
Finally, I made two new funnels and started by spraying them with red oxide primer. Then I put a light spray of vermillion over it, hoing that the red oxide undercoat would modify the vermillion. This it apparently did and when the black top and bands were added, the person I am making the model for declared satisfaction with the colour.
The latest pictures of CARMANIA are in the Model Ships section, so I will not repeat them here.
Thanks again.

peter johnston
9th November 2010, 21:50
hello bob! somewhere in my SN photo contributions is a model of the queen mary ,taken in the maritime museum ,opposite red funnel offices in southampton...that will give you true colour ! it was an orangy -red colour ,the real red was "Post Office" red ,recomended by model makers ,used on the QE2.hope this helps! peter

10th November 2010, 07:40
Hello Peter,
I looked at the pictures, but still hard to find which is the right colour in actual paint. At the moment, the funnels are still vermillion, applied over red oxide undercoat. I have now been told I have got the mast colour wrong, so I will be pulling them out today and making a new lot! This model is really wearing me down now, I have been at it for two months which is twice as long as I normally take. With a 21-inch-long hull, it is awkward to move about on my limited work space and the details seems never-ending.