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Hugh MacLean
18th November 2005, 15:17

My name is Hugh MacLean. I have just joined this community and looking forward to taking part. I served 12 years in the Royal Navy (1976 - 1988) in Radio Communications.
My interests surprisingly are mainly with the Merchant Navy especially during World War II. I have a website dedicated to my late father and those who served on the Elllerman Hall vessel SS City of Cairo torpedoed during WW2.

I also served on merchant navy ships MV Lycaon 1982, MV Oil Endeavour 1984 whilst part of Naval Parties.

I look forward to taking part with you all.


18th November 2005, 15:26
Welcome aboard Hugh, enjoy the site and all it has to offer, plenty of R/Os on site to keep you company.
PS. enjoyed your website.

18th November 2005, 15:49
Welcome onboard I also sailed on Oil Endeavour shortly after Tidewater bought it

18th November 2005, 16:20
HI hugh

Youve run ashore at a good site, lots of good banter here


Doug Rogers
18th November 2005, 20:06
Hi Hugh, welcome aboard, enjoy the site and the membership.

Hugh MacLean
18th November 2005, 22:23
Thank you all for your welcome. I appreciate it. Looking forward to really exploring the site.


18th November 2005, 22:28
Hello Hugh, welcome to the site, I hope it brings you a lot of enjoyment.

19th November 2005, 03:53
Welcome to the site.Thoroughly enjoyed reading your web site although enjoy is hardly appropriate in view of the hardships they endured. Regards KIWI

19th November 2005, 04:17
G'day Hugh... welcome aboard.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading your City of Cairo site.... I'm not old enough to have served during that time... but not far behind.
No doubt we'll meet again on this's great!!
Cheers.... Terry

19th November 2005, 18:12
Ahoy Hugh,

Welcome aboard,enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.

Hugh MacLean
19th November 2005, 20:10
Thank you lads. Appreciated also the comments re the website. ATB.

non descript
19th November 2005, 22:17
Welcome aboard Hugh - it's an excellent ship

Jan Hendrik
19th November 2005, 23:12
Hi Hugh.
Welcome to this site and we like to receive your action pictures.

20th November 2005, 12:21
Hello Hugh, and welcome aboard.
Any relationship with the writer of sea novels Alistair MacLean?

Hugh MacLean
20th November 2005, 12:36
Tonga, Jan, and Piero


Lots of good lads on here - Piero my only connection to Alistair MacLean came from the crew of the MV Lycaon in 1982 - They called me Alistair I wonder why? :)

This is a big site and I lookforward to seeing it all and the welcome is only the one you could get from people of the sea. Thank you

neil maclachlan
20th November 2005, 20:16
Hi Hugh and welcome,
You won't get sick on this ship,you'll just have great fun (We have Denny/Brown Stabilisers?)
Neil Mac.

Hugh MacLean
21st November 2005, 20:22
Thanks for the welcome. Judging by what I have seen so far I will enjoy this site. I have never seen so many mariners and ex mariners together on one site before and from all over the globe.
Thanks again

Hugh (Applause)