City of Chattanooga (Savannah Line)

19th November 2005, 12:11

I'm hoping that some of you Americans out there may be able to help.

I'm after information concerning concerning the City of Chattanooga which was the consort of the City of Birmingham both owned by the Ocean Steamship Co of Savannah. Both built in 1923 I know the Birmingham was sunk by U202 in June 1942. I also know that the Chattanooga was taken over by the USCG in 1942 for a short period but have no idea of her fate after being decommissioned in August that year.

If somebody could through some light I would be very grateful.


Bruce Carson
19th November 2005, 15:08
Hi Nigel:
The 'City of Chattanooga' was built by the Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. (Hull #266), Newport News, VA, in 1923 for the Savannah Line (Ocean Steamship Company of Savannah). She was a single screw steamer of 5,861GT, 382' (401' LOA) x 52', 3exp. engine, 26", 44", 76" x 48" stroke, oil fired, service speed 12 1/2 knots.
164 1st, 60 2nd.
She and her sister, the 'City of Birmingham' (2), were the last ships built for the company.
Launched on July 28 and delivered on September 28, she made her maiden voyage, New York to Savannah in October.
In September, 1941 the US Maritime Commission chartered the liner to carry US troops to Iceland.The charter included staffing by the Savannah Line ($18,000 per mo.). At this time the company gave up all passenger services.
When war was declared in December, 1941 it became a bareboat charter ($14,500 per mo.) I believe the charter ended in the first quarter of 1942.
On June 6, 1942 she was sold to the War Shipping Administration and used as an army barracks. In April, 1943 she was refitted as the training ship "American Navigator' and used mainly on Chesapeake Bay.
She was scrapped at San Francisco in March 1948.

'American Navigator':

I have uploaded a picture of the ship to the Gallery.

Bruce C.

19th November 2005, 16:49
Hi Bruce

Many thanks for the info I had come to a dead end in August 42, well not personally as I was just about being conceived then, I will have a look at the American Navigator site.

Thanks also for the pic - as you will notice it's much better than the one I already had