Delphin & Delphin Voyager impounded on financial irregularities

25th October 2010, 13:55
Greece's Restis Group is among a number of creditors that have arrested a cruise ship belonging to German operator Delphin Seereisen as the battle between the two widens.

The ship arrested by Restis and others is held in Venice and it is the second time in a matter of weeks the Greek owner has moved against the 16,200gt Delphin as it attempts to recover unpaid bills from a company related to Delphin.

Restis-controlled First Cruise One Corp is claiming $3.26m in unpaid hire for its own Delphin Voyager and an unspecified amount in unpaid crew wages. The 21,884gt, 1990-built Delphin Voyager, now in Piraeus under arrest, is the centre of a dispute between the Restis Group and Germany's Hansa, whose subsidiaries had the two cruise ships under charter.

Earlier this month Restis arrested Delphin to pressure Hansa to pay the claimed outstandings. The ship was quickly freed after negotiations and a settlement. However, Restis claims Hansa did not meet its obligations and the Greek owner broke the charter of Delphin Voyager and re-directed it to Piraeus, where it was arrested by bunker suppliers with claims against the German operator.

When the cruise ship arrived in Piraeus it has some 400 passengers onboard who were flown home from Greece at the expense of Delphin. Crew on Delphin Voyager were paid their wages and flown home at the expense of Restis, a bill which is now part of its claim.

Though the matter has now gone to arbitration, Athens-based Restis has moved to liquidate all entities related to the cruise operator which has now declared bankruptcy.