Time lapse photography of San Francisco Bay

28th October 2010, 19:07
Some fantastic time lapse photography of San Francisco Bay by Simon Christen,


Ted Else
28th October 2010, 20:04
Just beautiful Bob

Thats another Story
28th October 2010, 20:57
very good bob(Applause)

28th October 2010, 21:45
Thank you Ted and John,

Tony D
28th October 2010, 22:09
Great stuff,incidentally it is on youtube in 720 HD,
This one is very relaxing,in full 1080p HD, you need good broadband to stream it so tiz best to download it to your desktop it in full HD.
PS,this is a good HD downloader, when you download and run it, it installs itself and appears on the you tube page underneath the clip you want to see, it gives you the option to download in full 1080p HD to your desktop,
Once you see stuff in High Definition there is no going back.

20th February 2012, 13:08
I have two time-lapse videos on my website. One is a voyage through the twisty-turny Stockholm Archipelago and the other a trip through the Kiel Canal. That's 98km in four minutes!

Malky Glaister
20th February 2012, 13:29
Some years ago I was CHENG on a Maersk tanker in the Bay area. We were doin g a big boiler survey.
The coast guard came onboard to do us for constant smoke emissions and produced a video to prove their point. and sure enough plenty of smoke. we were in some trouble until, being a photographer myself I pointed out that the sun moved very quickly across the screen during the film. Time lapse photography I told them and they went away with their tails between their legs.
I was glad to get clear of the USA!

regards Malky

Wallace Slough
21st February 2012, 00:11
Thanks for posting this beautiful video. I piloted these waters for 37 years, and always marveled at their beauty.

3rd June 2012, 08:54
Stunning stuff. Thanks.