Hello from a new member

Dick Eburne
21st November 2005, 12:34
I found this site after searching the Net for the Willem Ruys.

I travelled as a passsenger on the Willem Ruys from the UK to Sydney Australia in summer 1960 and I was looking for any pictures of the ship at that time.

I returned from Australia to the UK in early 1962 on the Orcades.

I hope that I will be able to participate in the forums and perhaps search my collections for pictures/souvenirs of the Willem Ruys and Orcades from my voyages and upload them if they aren't already here.


non descript
21st November 2005, 12:48
Welcome aboard Dick and enjoy what is clearly a very well run and excellent ship.

21st November 2005, 12:54
Welcome to SN Dick. You've discovered a wonderful site with a tremendously knowledgeable and friendly membership. Enjoy - you will have many happy hours of entertainment. (Thumb)

21st November 2005, 13:51
G'Day Dick....
...'twould be interesting to know what you did during 1960-62 in the land down under.
I first called at Oz in '56 (Melbourne Olympics) carrying phosphate from Nauru to help things grow here... have been here now 20 odd years and no way could I live in the old country again... was there a few months ago.. justa coupla days after the July bombings.... not happy to travel on the tube then...!!
Anyway... drop us a thread... great site this...
Ex-sparks from 50-60's... when values were "real"...

21st November 2005, 14:25
Ahoy Dick,

Welcome aboard,enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.
Indeed the Ruys was a lovely ship, but very unlucky in her history and ended up so sadly.

21st November 2005, 14:39
Welcome Dick to SN, you are now amongst the sea/ship loving fraternity, enjoy the site, I do.

21st November 2005, 15:35
Welcome from Italy and good navigation in this website.

21st November 2005, 19:05
Hello dick
welcome to the party.
I will look forward to viewing your collection of photos and story's and i hope we can help you in any request.

Dick Eburne
21st November 2005, 19:20
G'Day Dick....
...'twould be interesting to know what you did during 1960-62 in the land down under.

My father was a UK Civil Servant on exchange with an Australian Civil Servant for those years. He went to Australia by air six months before my mother and I left the UK.

I was 16 on the voyage on the Willem Ruys and really enjoyed myself. On arrival in Sydney we met my father. We stayed with relations for several months before touring North from Sydney to see some other relations in northern NSW and Southern Queensland.

We moved to Melbourne for the next 15 months. I went to school in Melbourne to do my Matriculation. Early in 1962 all three of us travelled back to the UK on the Orcades.

My father's career meant that I spent much time close to ports i.e. Holyhead, London, Gibraltar, Sydney, Melbourne. Then I started work in Portsmouth Dockyard before moving to Devonport and then...

Now I live by the sea and can watch shipping heading to and from the Thames Estuary.


21st November 2005, 22:59
Welcome Dick, looks like you could be a Kentish lad? Herne Bay, Whitstable or thereabouts?

Jan Hendrik
21st November 2005, 23:56
Welcome to the site Dick and enjoy what is there on offer.
I have some old info on the Willem Ruys including a drawing depicting all levels of the ship - sideways -, please send me a PM if you are interested so I can email bits and pieces.

Doug Rogers
22nd November 2005, 02:44
Welcome aboard Dick, glad you found us and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.

22nd November 2005, 23:18
Willie Allan here, e-mail Denholms they have the pictures within hours pictures on my PC of the ships i'd sailed on.

Dick Eburne
23rd November 2005, 00:24
Welcome Dick, looks like you could be a Kentish lad? Herne Bay, Whitstable or thereabouts?

About there.