Paul Murphy
21st November 2005, 22:13
just rcieved my copy of this excellent publication in the post today. Sad to see that Anthony Preston is no longer with us.

Anyway..in the International section by Conrad Waters....he makes reference to the New Zealand Navy building an OPV of the type similar to The Irish Naval services LE Eithne..P31. Mow given that this is 20 year old design is it not more like ly thet the vessel will be more akin to the P51 class LE Roisin...or P52 LE Niamh....given that there was a variation on this design equiped with a helideck.

The Eithne was a once off due to massive cost overruns and given the type of patrols undertaken the helicopter option was a failure..and has not been used operationally since the early1990s...and now that most of the flight assit landing gear has been removed and The two Dauphin helicopters which were dedicated for use are up for disposal...

any thoughts...?