GRACE (Nederlands)

22nd November 2005, 12:48
While in Alesund a few months ago I saw this attractive yacht called GRACE and flying the Nederland flag with a cross with a crown in the top corner, see my interpretation from a senile memory.

As I am showing my ignorance could one of you fill me in with some details of the vessel and also the ensign

Many thanks


Jan Hendrik
23rd November 2005, 12:11
I have never seen a Dutch flag like that before.
Depicting a crown would mean royalty, but the Dutch swing an orange banner next to the flag when the monarchie is involved.
It could be the house flag of a shipping company.

Perhaps Ruud can help out??

23rd November 2005, 13:01

Yep I've looked all over, but can't find any information of that flag,not as a company or Royal flag, as Jan mentioned, there could be "some Royalty", as for the ship, I never seen/heard of her,and just found a picture on the i-net:and will look further for some info. (
Source unknown

Frank P
23rd November 2005, 13:03
Hi Nigel, I have found article this article on a Norwegian website, I am not sure if it is the same ship or not (maybe in her earlier life).
Here is the link.

23rd November 2005, 13:30
Thanks everbody

Ruud - the crown on the ensign could have been slightly different but, as my wife will confirm, that was the general design of the ensign. Unforetunately it was the last shot on my film so could get a pic of the ensign.

Frank - Have looked at the site you mentioned, it is very similar and too much of a coincidence not to be true. The pic there is a drawing I think. There are difference but she could have been modified.

It going to annoy me until I can tie it all down.



Jan Hendrik
23rd November 2005, 13:47
I think it is a totally different ship, even in case she would have been modified.
The port holes are not in same sequence, the anchor is placed not in same spot and both decks are a totally different design.

23rd November 2005, 18:12

Im afraid I am inclined to agree with you but haven't completely ruled out the possibility even if remote


23rd November 2005, 18:20
Asked a few of the Dutch crew onboard here they say this flag is quite common on sailing boats in the Netherland Antillies, they think its from a yacht squadron there

Jan Hendrik
23rd November 2005, 21:48
I never saw it in the Netherlands Antilles. I lived there and worked in the shipping business (as always)
Still intrigues me, this flag or ensign.

24th November 2005, 12:15
We may never know


Jan Hendrik
24th November 2005, 13:00
I will ask a friend in the Neth Antilles, he is in the marine business too.

24th November 2005, 14:37 is a start...down the bottom, 'GRACE'. Naval Architect

GINTON naval architects
Zijlweg 148 C
2015 BJ Haarlem HOLLAND
tel +31 23 5421985

+31 515 443 008 Shipyard Sijperda

give 'em a call, Ruud !!

24th November 2005, 15:47
Ahoy Paul,
This is a "golden clue",thanks for that.
Just called the designer [Mr.Ginton-Israel] of the GRACE, and he told me, to contact me next Monday, cos he wasn't in the office at the moment, but in Italy.Well the only thing, he could tell me, that the Grace was Dutch registered at the The Transport and Water Management Inspectorate.About the owner, he will ask,getting his permission to name it.So we have to wait a few days more.I promised him to mail all the facts, so that he will be informed, the best way we could do.(*)) (Applause)

Here my mail:
Dear Mr.Ginton,
I just called you 24-11-2005,about some information of this very attractive looking yacht,so called the "Grace"; I'm super moderator of one of the biggest forum sites of the world, ShipsNostalgia, in where we discusses all kind of ships,vessels; one of our members[almost 4000] has taken her on photo in Alesund[Norway].The reason why , I made that phonecall is, 'we would like to know some more details of her; Owner/Flag/IMO/CallSign/Measures, so please help us out of this dilemma.
Note: Included some files, and our website at: (http://javascript<img%20src=&quot;images/smilies/redface.gif&quot;%20border=&quot;0&quot;%20alt=&quot;&quot;%20title=&quot;Embarr assment&quot;%20smilieid=&quot;2&quot;%20class=&quot;inlineimg&quot;%20/>l('');)

only registration needed.
[i] ed382d3ecf25d42d&mimepart=6
groeten ruud

28th November 2005, 12:27

Just received this message from Mr.Jaron Ginton:

Dear Ruud,
The Grace is registered as a cargo ship at the "Nederlands Shipping Inspectorate" in Rotterdam. (Inspectie Verkeer en Waterstaat).
Dutch flag.
Her call sign (roepletters) is PBCR.
Id no. 36575
The ship owners: Stentor shipco bv
Length over all :40.09m
Length water line 36.93m
Beam (moulded) 7.90m
Maximum draft 2.84m
Hull material: Steel
Deckhouse 1st tier: Steel
Deckhouse 2nd tier: Aluminium

Jaron Ginton

GINTON naval architects
Zijlweg 148C
2015 BJ Haarlem, Holland
T +31 23 5421985
F +31 23 5422485 (
[email protected] ([email protected])

28th November 2005, 16:37
Hi everybody

Thankyou all very much for your help and pointers for GRACE especially to Ruud for contacting Ginton's. I certainly didn't expect it to be such a serialised saga when I set this inquiry in motion. It nearly became a soap opera.

Once again many thanks