US Catamaran

22nd November 2005, 20:22
I remember a US Navy catamaran that sailed up and down the Clyde during the early-mid 90s, based in Glasgow for a while (KGV?) I think it may have been a survey ship, anyone have any info?

3rd December 2005, 22:19
See photo USS Spearhead at Garden Island 4/6/05

5th December 2005, 14:41
I doubt it was USS Spearhead, she's only been in commision for a couple of years. Didn't the US Navy have a research catamaran named USS Pigeon?

fred henderson
5th December 2005, 15:02
The US Military Sealift Command operated 4 Victorious Class ocean surveilance ships that were all built to a twin hull SWATH design because of that hull form's greater stability at slow speeds. Two were stationed in the Atlantic Fleet during the 1990s. They were named Able and Effective. The Clyde based ship could have been one of these two. They were used to monitor the movement of submarines, using a variety of towed sonar systems.


10th December 2005, 21:28
Oops! Forgot about this thread! (sorry)

fred - I put the details you provided through Google and this came up.

And from what I remember about it these look 'right'. Thanks.