Jan Hendrik
23rd November 2005, 09:24
Located in Glenelg, Adelaide.

HMS Buffalo is a replica of the original HMS Buffalo which sailed from Portsmouth to Holdfast Bay (off Glenelg) in 1836. The replica was built on-site between 1980 and 1982 at a cost of $1.5million using the original admiralty plans. The museum houses illustrations and extracts from the old log books, original diary notes, sketches and photos that tell the story of the original HMS Buffalo's voyage 6. Part of the replica also houses a restaurant.

This restaurant used to be very upmarket and one of the most expensive ones in the area.
Today it is a family restaurant with very reasonable prices.
I had the privilege dining there several times, both in the old and the new style.
Visitors to Adelaide should try. The history is fascinating and inside you see huge timber lugs holding up the deck.

23rd November 2005, 13:45
HMS Buffalo, had many enjoyable meals on her in the old style, did not know she had dropped a rank.

Dave Edge
23rd November 2005, 22:59
Is this a replica of the "Buffalo" that was wrecked on what is now Buffalo Beach, Mercury Bay, in 1841?

Jan Hendrik
23rd November 2005, 23:56
Yes correct Dave, near the Coromandel peninsula, that's where the place is named after.
During her trip to Australia she carried 400 people on board and it took 6 months. History tells that during the voyage some births,marriages and sea burials took place too.

a bit more about the history go to:

24th November 2005, 14:29
Nice to see a different definition of POMS

Jan Hendrik
24th November 2005, 20:42
A super polite name it is.