Saxonia/Flying Scotsman USA Tour 1969

25th November 2005, 19:48
For all you Mickey Mouse Boat men out there, I came across this site which has a video clip of the Flying Scotsman being loaded on to the Saxonia in Liverpool for a USA tour in 1969. Seems like only yesterday.

Ray Charlton

Marcus Cardew
29th November 2005, 18:27
Hi Ray,
I think that Reggie Venn was the old man on that trip. I remember him telling me that half way across, in a storm, they could see the 'Scotsmans' wheels lifting off the rails on deck on each roll, and that all that he could think of was that 'If I lose this, they'll never let me back into the country again...' Another pal of mine worked as a 'Dolly Bird' on board when it did it's trip around the US.....

non descript
29th November 2005, 20:06
Thanks ray, excellent stuff; much appreciated.

24th June 2006, 23:24
thanks for that ray. an interesting site mate

2nd September 2006, 14:46
I was the third officer on that voyage. There was quite a sigh of relief when we unloaded it in Boston together with the rest of the train.
Voyage weather was'nt too bad but the brass went green on the locomotive with the salt spray. It stayed firmly attached to the deck.