John Alwyne Burgess Ellerman & Bucknall

9th December 2010, 01:09
I am trying to trace the seafaring history of my uncle John Alwyne Burgess known as Jack. What I have discovered so far:

Ist trip ship unknown did 6 months between his 16th birthday (3.6.38) and 15th March 1939 when he joined City of Kimberley in Liverpool as cadet/apprentice. We have no discharge book prior to his sailing as 3rd mate so assume he was probably apprenticed to the company which I assume was Ellerman & Bucknall.
26.10.1940 Joined City of Canberra in North Shields
@ 23.6.41 hospitalised in New York with Mumps.
27.6.42 ~ 26.8.42 City of Dieppe as Ex 3rd Mate (1st Discharge Book entry)
31.8.42 ~ 17.11.44 City of Hereford 3rd Mate
9.1.45 ~ 20.1.45 Samark 2nd Mate
23.5.45 ~ 9.11.45 City of Kimberley 2nd Mate
18.1.46 ~ 18.4.46 Fort Albany 2nd Mate. on 18.4.46 had his War Service terminated and was discharged from Merchant Navy.

Its a long shot after all this time but someone out there must know of him or someone who sailed with him and it would be fantastic to make contact and fill in some more gaps. Maybe there maybe an old photo or 2. His widow knows very little as she only met him circa 1946 but she did manage to find me his Discharge book, a copy of his Union book (probably quite rare in its own right) plus I have his original certificate of competancy as 1st mate!