27th November 2005, 12:08
Hello. I'm an Aussie with an interest in the history of merchant ships and boats built in or visiting Australia up to the year 2000. I am working on a database of this information.

27th November 2005, 12:17
Welcome Boru to SN enjoy the site and all it has to offer,perhaps we could see some of your photos.

fred henderson
27th November 2005, 12:28
A warm welcome Boru, I am sure that your database research will enable you to answer members future questions on the subject. Please join in and share your expertise, views and opinions with us, especially if you think that some of us have hold of the wrong end of the stick! It is the debate and banter that makes this site interesting.


non descript
27th November 2005, 17:12
Welcome aboard Boru, you will find SN a well fitted and well crewed ship. Fred's words are more eloquent then mine, so I will leave his text as the best welcome and we look forward to your posts. Bon Voyage. :)

27th November 2005, 18:06
Welcome from Italy and good voyage in this website.I am interest to see your pics!!!

Doug Rogers
27th November 2005, 21:25
Welcome Boru, enjoy the site and what it has to offer.

27th November 2005, 21:31
You are very welcome here Boru and I hope you enjoy all the site has to offer.

1st December 2005, 11:44
Ahoy Boru,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.