German Museum-Coaster "Jan-Dirk"

12th December 2010, 18:04
Hello all,

in November of this year, I did visit the German museum coaster MS Jan Dirk. It was very interesting for me, to see a ship like this, from decades ago, which used to trade the routes of nowadays containerfeeders. As well, it was even more interesting because the ship is very much still in the original state, how it used to be, when it was still in service.

Now, the community, restaurating the ship has got a new website which you can view at

But not only they have a new website, they have also uploaded more photos, and they have interesting plans, for activities in 2011 like attending

Now, they hope to have some more photos on their website, and if you have any photos of the coaster, the webmaster of the website will be happy to put them on the site, of course copyright credited !!! (Thumb)