Thurso Lifeboat

wully farquhar
25th December 2010, 12:55
The Thurso lifeboat was called out last night at quarter past midnight(who took the merry out of christmas)The crabber the Kingfisher ran ashore a mile from the station,towed of at high water today by the lifeboat,every thing seems to be ok.

Don Matheson
26th December 2010, 17:05
I assume the lifeboat was launched twice, once to get the crew off and again to tow her off and return her to port. Now you know that thats the lifeboat crews Christmas Day as they would be out for hours.
I would wonder why a crabber was out so late on Christmas Eve, no markets open so what can he sell?
Also as he is most likely a local, how did he manage to run up the beach just outside the harbour?
Glad everyone was OK and hope the lifeboat crew managed their dinner. bet the crabber was not very popular in a lot of houses in Thurso.


27th December 2010, 19:48
'ran ashore' sounds much less severe than 'ran aground'.......... almost 'controlled' ;)

Al :)

wully farquhar
27th December 2010, 21:37
No Don they are not local but have been working from Scrabster now must be near twenty years,there are plenty market for crab four or five vivier lorries waiting on the pier christmas day,well Blackal put it this way he ran out of water(Ouch) and they could walk round her at low water.

13th January 2011, 22:32
Wully - You must have known 'Hootna' ? What a fine fella.

Could never get used to the fact that in Caithness - you could get a nickname for life :)


13th January 2011, 23:02
My mother's cousin..
You are right Al , one of lifes worthys.
Give my regards to Derek Moffat.


3rd June 2011, 23:06
Congratulations on your award Wully.

All the best


4th June 2011, 00:16
and from me too wullie.

hope the next one's a gong from old queenie.
you deserve it.

wully farquhar
4th June 2011, 23:07
Thanks lads,and i recommend the Old Pulteney,good drop o' stuff!!

24th June 2011, 17:33
Congratulations, Wully. Very well deserved.

24th June 2011, 20:32
Congratulations, like a drop of Old P myself.

9th January 2012, 21:28
Well done ... hope it was at least 18 years old !!!