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Rob Crossland
27th December 2010, 20:33
Hi to all BI members. Recently joined Ships Nostalgia - served with the foremost British Merchant naval company between 1966 and 1969 on SS Chindwara, Chantala, Chanda, Chandpara and a 'B' Bulimba. Would love to hear from anyone who either remembers me or wishes to reminis about the BI. I am now reaching retirement and any bad memories from the past, and perhaps past shipmates, are now consigned to the dim and distant past. Life is too short!!!

Best wishes to all

Rob (Bob) Crossland

28th December 2010, 16:07
Greetings Bob and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

Paul Braxton
11th July 2012, 23:21
Hi Rob. A belated welcome to the site.

I have happy memories of BI from '71/'72 when I sailed as Sparkie on Sirsa and Chinkoa. Sounds like you would have been gone by then.
When I started out with them I had never eaten a curry in my life. Afterwards, I couldn't get enough of them, and still can't. They were some of the most wonderful meal memories I have. Can still remember eating a huge lunch and having to go and lie down (in the sun of course) afterwards to recuperate.
The stewards used to take their jobs very seriously, I remember. They would stand watching carefully and very attentively while you ate, responding to any slight 'need' seamlessly and unnoticed. How we were treated in those days! Can't believe how much food I used to put away. It was just sheer delight.
Hope that brings back some happy memories. There's more where that came from...

Regards, Paul

John Briggs
12th July 2012, 02:30
Hi Rob, sorry I missed this thread when first posted.

I was in BI from January 1956 to September 1964 so our paths didn't cross. I did however sail on many of the same ships you did.

You will find a few ex BI people on the site so stick with us.

By the way, just in case you were not aware, there is a BI site here -

12th July 2012, 06:10
welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage