Sony A450.

Euan Knox
3rd January 2011, 18:02
Just a few quick questions I have a Sony A450 with Sony 18-55mm and 75-300 mm lenses,Tamron 55-200 mm lens and a Jessops 360AFD Digital Flashgun. Just wondering if there is any particular things I need to keep the kit all clean and scratch free.As i am still an novice with DSLR any helpful tips would be very helpful.
Second thing I was wondering about is lenses for portrait photography so far since I got my camera in late august 2010 I have mainly been focusing on marine photography but have since took an interest in portrait photography and i have heard about prime lenses being of better quality than the zoom lenses anyone got any suggestions for a cheap lens for portrait photography. Keeping in mind i'm still at school and am only 15 a nice cheap lens would be good for me.
Thanks in advance

3rd January 2011, 20:22
Hi Euan,

I use Canons myself but the rules for keeping cameras clean are pretty standard across the board. I always keep a sigma lens cleaning cloth in my bag along with a blower brush. I also carry a bin liner (usefull to cover camera if it starts to rain). I also have an artic monkey cleaner but keep it at home.

You may consider placing either a uv or skylight filter on your lenses as a precaution against scratches (cheaper to replace than the lens). As for the lenses for portrait its not really my field but my nephew does a lot and gets some fantastic results useing zooms. My advice would be learn to walk before you run it can save you a lot of money.

I have taken a look at your website and I must say you have some good shots there well done.

Good luck with your future photography and hope the above info helps you.


3rd January 2011, 20:27
Hi Euan,

Just had a thought take a look at the link below fantastic website with some helpfull and knowledgeable members you will get all the info you will need on there.