New role for Sir Tristram?

fred henderson
1st December 2005, 14:32
The UK MoD is planning to convert a decommisioned Landing Ship Logistic (LSL) to serve as a training ship for maritime special forces. It is understood that the ship will replace the 1945 built ex-HMS Rame Head, which has been moored in Fareham Lake for years as a special forces training ship.
The MoD have issued preliminary documents to obtain expressions of interest from contractors. Invitations to tender are expected to emerge in April 2006, with responses due at the end of June and a contract placed by the end October 2006.
It is understood that Sir Tristram is the selected LSL. She was extensively rebuilt after being damaged in the Falklands conflict. The proposed conversion involves hull and structural refurbishment, removal of insulation and linings, removal of unwanted equipment, provision of new onboard services, including new electrical, domestic and fire-fighting services, provision of new workshops, offices and CCTV control room.

Fred (Read)

1st December 2005, 15:43
Hi Fred

Tks for the info. Good to see she's got some life in her yet.


1st December 2005, 18:30
But what about Rame Head?

Tony Crompton
1st December 2005, 18:42
I remember taking "Sir Tristram" from the dry dock out to sea and compass adjusted on the morning of 17th. may 1997.
After leaving the ship she was going away for a few hours trials then returning later in the afternoon to the shipyard. I had the devil's own job persuading the master that it would not be a very good idea to want Pilot,
Tugs, and Boatmen during that afternoon. After 5.30 it would be fine.
Why?? That was the only day Middlesbrough ever played in the FA Cup Final!!

Tony Crompton
1st December 2005, 18:47
Was going to add "Not that it did us much good" but clicked on submit instead of preview post!!!
Tony C

Hugh MacLean
1st December 2005, 19:53
I have a pic of the badly damaged superstructure of Sir Tristram taken early 1983 in Port Stanley.

Wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to upload to the site.

fred henderson
2nd December 2005, 01:02
I was at Hawthorn Leslie when we built three of the LSLs. The contract was placed by the Ministry of Transport and signed by Barbara Castle. The ships were managed by British India and everything was very traditional. When the first, Sir Bedivere, returned for her guarantee docking, the Captain asked if it would be possible to modify his bath. The LSLs were normally trimmed by the stern. The captains bath was fitted longitudinally and the plug was at the forward end! We never found out if it was an oversight or deliberate.


Rory Bhoy
16th September 2006, 12:46
I took these when I was on the Mounts Bay when we were alongside in Pompey ........ the poor auld soul awaiting her fate! :(

Rory Bhoy
16th September 2006, 12:48
more of her ....