Indian Frigate Vindhyagiri severely damaged in collision in Mumbai

4th February 2011, 14:49
The Frigate was hit by a German vessel which sustained some damage, however the Vindhyagiri was holed in her boiler room, subsequently caught fire and is now sat on the bottom of the harbour at her berth. Despite having almost 400 on board due to Indian Navy Day, everyone got off the Frigate before the fire took hold....

5th February 2011, 12:36
Her fleet designation was F42, a Nilgiri class frigate commissioned in 1981...I may have seen her when in Mumbai last year, there were several ships in port at the Naval dockyard over the three days I was there aboard Costa Allegra.

I believe I photographed one of the sister ships as it left Mumbai on exercise, it is in the gallery here onsite.

Don Matheson
5th February 2011, 20:30
Shamrock Read the link you provided and there is something strange about this incident.
It seems there were over 400 persons on board when she had the collision and all were safely put ashore before the fire started, 12 hours after the collision.
It seems the Navy are blaming the cargo ship for sinking her, but if they had her alongside with a big hole in her for 12 hours she must have been fit for salvage. I believe that the Indian Navy have sunk her because they could not put the fire out

"Unfortunately the fire could not be doused, so the ship has sunk," deputy police commissioner for the Mumbai port zone, Qaiser Khalid, told NDTV."

I think the navy sank her to put the fire out.
I think when this all comes out it will be the navy that gets the blame for sinking her.


29th January 2012, 03:43

She was refloated last year, after assesment I belive they decided to decomission her