Lagos Yacht Club

Julian Calvin
4th February 2011, 16:00
Have memories are going alonside in ship's lifeboat (from Falaba or Fulani) in '67 with full Liverpudlian crew after an afternoon at Tarkwa Bay. One officious 'gentleman' approached and said, in a very plummy voice, "I say, we don't want the likes of you around here, p--s off".
Now I am Commodore. Funny world isn't it!!

ED sign is still on the side of the old head office in Lagos. Tugwell House has sadly gone as have the trains on which we used to ride when returning from ashore. Still see a number of ex Elders people down here.

4th February 2011, 16:10
Not all were like that. we had a passenger on the Sherbro, sometime in early '62. He was the then Commodore, or perhaps Vice Commodore, of the Lagos Yacht Club, and invited us to the Club whenever we were in Lagos. For some time after I was able to sail a Tarpon in the vicinity of the Club, and took advantage of it. Seem to remember we were also able to use a GP.14 at Takoradi Yacht Club, but I'm sure it was made of some West African hardwood that had the consistency of oak. We raced it once, and were thrashed.


4th February 2011, 17:47
Greetings Julian and a warm welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

5th February 2011, 10:14
When we were on ED charter, we went down to some beach near the harbour entrance on a launch service. We then missed the last launch back and hired a dugout with two paddlers and a bit of rag for a sail. I had the important job of holding the whammy 'sheet' not that I knew much about the art of sailing then ! Can't remember now how long it took - just the experience !


Peter Martin
6th February 2011, 03:08
I took a leave in Lagos in the early 70's and was given the use of a boat by Andrew Bell at the office.
I had been out with young lady and her father and on returning to the club missjudged things and got caught by the flood tide and carried under the bridge.
Unfortunately the mast was taller than the bridge! We capsized and in the process broke the top of the mast. Neither Mr Bell or the the father of my young lady were very impressed.