New member.

4th December 2005, 14:24
Good afternoon to all other members. My name is Simon Tempest, I am 49 years old & a serving engineer officer in a British company. I started my career in January 1973 as an engineering cadet with P&O BSD. I then went to P&O CL in 1988, & my current employers, UMA, in 1997.
I look forward to any comments or questions.

4th December 2005, 14:27
Ahoy Simon,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.

4th December 2005, 19:46
Welcome Simon to SN enjoy the site and all it has to offer from an Ex P&O engineer

Doug Rogers
4th December 2005, 20:51
Welcome aboard Simont, enjoy the site and what it has to offer. Look forward to any contributions you care to make to it.

4th December 2005, 21:51
This is a great site Simon and I hope you enjoy it.

non descript
4th December 2005, 22:16
A warm welcome to you Simon, enjoy the good ship SN and her fine crew. Bon Voyage