Bunkering Vessel " Ann R "

9th February 2011, 10:02
Hi All,

I am looking for the whereabouts of the above vessel. I purchased this vessel in 1996 when she was a water carrier on the river in Kalingrad. She was named "Rodnik" and under the home flag of Russia. I brought her back to Bantry Bay and we converted her there for use as a Diesel Bunkering vessel and renamed he "Ann R " after my wife and then she operated for my employers ,ConocoPhillips under the Irish flag. At the time there was a business whiche we targeted, namely the Russian Factory Fleet which was winter based in the roads in Castletownbere, and they were serviced by many Irish and Scottish Super Trawlers. It was an exciting time for us as the Bantry Bay Oil Terminal had been in dormant mode for a number of years and this project created new interest and enthusiasm.
I then transferred to the Purchasing Department and coincidentally the Bunkering business died as a result of Government Legislation conpelling Irish trawlers to land in various ports and thus the factory ships had to depart the scene. The vessel became redundant and lay on a mooring for almost 12 month and was subsequently sold to Italian buyers in Palermoin 2002 approximately. The last I could trace of her was at a layby berth in Swansea where she was a sorry sight. I assume that she is now operating in Palermo ar somewhere else in Italy.
I would appreciate any information I can get to lacate her as there is a certain sentimental interest in seeing what developed after she left Bantry Bay. Many thanks to all in advance. Arthur Ryan