Hi to all

5th December 2005, 11:05
Glad to join up on this site.

non descript
5th December 2005, 12:08
A warm welcome to you Nick and we look forward to your postings from Gibralter. SN is a fine ship. Bon Voyage

5th December 2005, 12:20
Welcome nicky to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer

5th December 2005, 15:32
Ahoy Nick,

Welcome aboard, enjoy yourself on this fine ship and her crew, as we do; looking forward to your postings.

Doug Rogers
5th December 2005, 21:05
Welcome aboard Nickv, enjoy the site and what it has to offer.

5th December 2005, 22:06
Glad to have you with us Nicky, I hope the site brings you a lot of fun.

6th December 2005, 15:20
Hi Nicky, welcome aboard!

Derek Roger
6th December 2005, 17:27
Welcome from Canada . Derek

15th December 2005, 01:25
hello nicki welcome aboard(bobby glasgow)

patrick mahoney
15th December 2005, 19:15
hi nicki welcome from waterford .

patrick oc
15th December 2005, 21:02
hi p mahoney i used to go to NEW ROSS a good few years ago .We used to take car parts from ROUEN a good little job merry xmas all the best for the new year patrick oc

Derek Roger
15th December 2005, 21:15
Welcome from Canada Nick ; you will enjoy the site if you love ships . Derek

15th December 2005, 21:20
welcome aboard nick have fun but most of all enjoy the company.