MN College Scarf

18th February 2011, 14:21
Anyone remember from the 60's those broad, long, woolen MN college scarves (not the knitted ones). The number I lost to various girlfriends...They're back on the market again. She who must me one for Christmas, hadn't seen them for years.

18th February 2011, 14:35
Have you got a supplier address for scarve.

matthew flinders
18th February 2011, 16:51
Swapped mine for a North London Collegiate scarf. Got it back when we broke up. Still have it and unlikely to find someone to swap with now.

China hand
18th February 2011, 18:23
Still got mine. A bit faded, but aren't we all?

18th February 2011, 21:24
daughter bought me one last Christmas. Original one lost sometime in the 60's.
always smelled of girlfriend's (now wife's) perfume

18th February 2011, 21:29
This may help anyone wishing to aquire............

n. liddell (sparks)
19th February 2011, 08:07
Still got mine - strange aroma? If boiled could possibly make nice pan of soup judging by the amount of stains on it

27th July 2018, 14:00
Still got mine, BP badge at one end and the MN crest at the other...