City of Canberra

Keith Adkins
20th February 2011, 12:54
I served on the City of Canberra from 1/64 to 1/65, joining in Hull and paying off in Hull after the usual MANZ x 2 trips. It was one of the most happy ships that I sailed on, and would like to know what became of Captain Thomas Rigg, 2/O Tony Branthwaite and 3/O Roy Bloss.
Very happy memories

Nova Scotian
20th February 2011, 13:27
Hi Keith:

I sailed under Captain Rigg on the City of Winchester in 1969/70. A good man who stayed with that ship until it was handed over to Ben Line shortly after that.

Keith Adkins
21st February 2011, 08:06
Yes he was a real gentleman and a pleasure to sail with

26th February 2011, 07:49
I sailed with Commodore Thomas Rigg a couple of times on the City of Auckland. One of my treasured memories was of his wedding to Beth in South Africa. We left port amidst ships whistles all around and Amazing Grace blasting out. My fiancee and I went for a meal at their house in Knowle near Birmingham. A truly wonderful man. Happy days indeed.

Pegleg Horace
12th March 2011, 03:38
Re: Roy Bloss

Sailed with Roy quite often between 1982 & 1985 at least, on the then new "Appledore" ships. These, should you not already know, were a series of 5, 300 (nominal) TEU container vessels, built to replace Papyanni's "Hustler" fleet on the short sea trades to the Mediterranean ports, - voyages of 1 month on , 1 month off, but head office in London took over their running, and ran down the Liverpool operation somewhat during that perioid.

Roy was 2nd mate by then. In 1985, Head office decided to do away with the personnel department, and put the manning out to an agency (Denholm IOM Ltd), and we were all made redundant, but with the opportunity to join the crewing agency, and continue much as before, - albeit for less pay, less leave, and twice the time on board!. I suspect, but am not sure now that I may have sailed again with Roy for a while after that, and I think that I may have subsequently heard that he was last seen on a supply tender, or bunker barge at Falmouth, but don't quote me on that.

All in all, a gentleman reprobate, with whom it was a pleasure to sail.

Keith Adkins
12th March 2011, 08:53
Yes one of the best that I sailed with. We had many politically incorrect alcoholic discussions during that year I sailed with him

18th March 2011, 21:29
I sailed with Capt Thomas Rigg on the City of Calcutta in 1959. It was my 1st trip to sea. We did the round Africa trip, outward to Mombasa, Dar es Salaam etc., then downcoast, right round to Capetown and home. He was a perfect gentleman.
I sailed with him again when he was coasting Master on the City of Port Elizabeth late in 1970.
Andy C.