A Norwegian query

21st February 2011, 15:45
I have been puzzled by conflicting information regarding the loss of the following vessel when in Norwegian ownership.

The basic question I would ask is this; Was she converted from tanker into a dry cargo and if so when?

Below are the details I currently have including the footnote which initiated the puzzle.

CHANT 4 (1944 - 1946)
O.N. 180229. 403g. 214n. 142.2 x 27.0 x 8.5 feet.
4-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (10.5” x 13.5”) 4HRL type oil engine made by Crossley Bros Ltd, Manchester. 220 BHP.
2.1944: Launched by H.Scarr Ltd, Hessle, (Yard No. 438) for the Ministry of War Transport, (T. J. Metcalf, managers.)
6.4.1944: Completed.
1946: Sold to T. B. McEwen, London (Shipbroker).
1946: Sold to Per Bjorn Hansen, Norway, and renamed FIA.
1947: Sold to Rolf Bjornholdt & Company, Norway, and renamed MONTY.
7.1.1951: Whilst on a voyage from Heroya to Trondheim with fertiliser*, encountered heavy weather, sprang leaks and sank.
8.1.1951: Wreckage washed ashore.

*Was her fertiliser cargo in liquid form?

Lloyd’s Wreck Book states that her Master radioed that “water was over her hatches* which would imply that she been converted to a dry-cargo vessel like some other Chants, although this had not been detailed in Lloyd’s Register by the time she was lost..

Any help welcome


ted nutt
23rd February 2011, 08:30
Morning Bill,just looked in 1950/51 register,they have her still having 8 Bulkheads alot for a cargo vessel that size.Ted

23rd February 2011, 10:51
Dag Bakka's book "Langs kysten i femti år" notes that she was rebuilt as a dry cargo ship at Drammen in 1947.

His information differs slightly from yours. He says she was sold to Per Bjørn-Hansens Rederi in June 1947 and was then renamed MONTY. He has no mention of the name FIA.