Show Boat - UK

6th December 2005, 00:36
Not sure if this really qualifies for SN as I don't think this vessel would have gone far out to sea - maybe to Margate? but anyway .......
This is a slightly blurred and blown up picture of a paddle steamer called Show Boat taken by my grandfather - I would guess around the mid 1920s. I am pretty sure this was taken on the Thames in London. I have been unable to find anything about her on the net. Does anyone have any more information - was this a pleasure vessel and what happened to her? Presumably scrapped. Any information would be gratefully received.


29th January 2006, 16:05
Looks like a bit of history of her on this link, name changed from PS Alexandra (1879) ,to Showboat


29th January 2006, 19:38

Many thanks for that URL. I had nearly given up hope of finding out more about Showboat. I had no idea that she had such a long and varied career, though I suspected that nobody would build a boat solely for entertainment in the UK.



29th January 2006, 20:27
There’s quite a fair bit of history that ends up on the Thames, Tidal cruises Ltd owners of the ill-fated Marchioness, the Hurlingham built 1915(still operating) and the Viscountess built 1926 still operating? At least 2 of these were Dunkirk veterans, there’s Salter brothers Ltd, they have been going since 1858, builders of the above mentioned boats,
Just how long will the glass house looking boats of today last????????
Back to the showboat though, she had a fine history.