TSS Nestor

9th March 2011, 15:15

I have a silver cigarette case carrying the Blue Funnel flag and the writing T.S.S. Nestor.

I never sailed with Blue Funnel and it means little to me and I was wondering what it would be worth - if anything. It's in reasonable used condition.

Been having a clearout and got rid of a lot of stuff via eBay - more for reclaiming room than the money!


9th March 2011, 15:43
Thats an idea, I may do that.

I was R/O with Marconi for a few years and it was my late dad who had the cigarette case. He however was a chippy with Ellermans so I never did find out the conection with Blue Funnel. He presumably picked it up during his travels, I certainly never heard of any of our family ever having sailed with Blue Funnel.

Thanks again for your input.

25th November 2011, 10:44
Finally got 'round to listing the cigarette case on eBay.

Won't give the link as I don't want to be seen advertising B\)